Top 10 Father's Day Gifts - InRugCo

Top 10 Father's Day Gifts - InRugCo

Father's Day is Sunday June 21, so if you are looking for a thoughtful gift for Dad consider these staff favorites from InRugCo!


1. Mishawaka, IN Men's Hat - $32

mishawaka in mens hat

Whether your Dad is working in the garage or grilling steaks at the summer BBQ, this InRugCo original hat looks great for all occasions. 

Hand stitched in the USA with a genuine leather patch, this hat is meant for serious use and style. 

Available in Black or Grey

2. Bronzeville Southern Rib Rub - $6.99

Southern Rib Rub Spice House

Help your Dad further solidify his grill master reputation with this rub.

Whether you crave ribs, a pork roast, chicken, or duck, this dry rub brings the flavor down home! This rub was developed to honor the Southerners who moved to Chicago in the 1920s, '30s, and '40s and it packs classic flavor. 

Based in Chicago, Spice House Spices are renowned for bringing worldwide flavor to your kitchen and luckily, InRugCo carries a deep catalog of their spices. 

Shop Bronzeville Rib Rub or view all spices

3. Mishawaka, IN Coffee Mug - $24

From the morning cup of fresh coffee, or evening cold brews, this 14 oz. sturdy mug will be your Dad's favorite drinking vessel for years to come.

Hand Thrown in the USA, directly inspired by the iconic Mishawaka Suspension Bridge. 

Available in Midnight Blue (pictured above) or Aqua Blue. 

4. Parakito Mosquito Repellent Clip - $19.50 

How many times has your Dad forgot the bug spray while going hiking or fishing? 

No need to carry a bulky canister bug spray with the convenient Parakito Mosquito Repellent Clip, simply attached the carabiner clip to a backpack or belt and enjoy on-the-go protection all day long. 

This clip helps protect from mosquitos with a DEET-free mixture of 100% natural oils. This clip provides constant bug protection up to 15 days per refill (2 Refills included).

Shop the Parakito Mosquito Repellent Clip, available in black, cameo, & more colors. 

5. 15" Lodge Cast Iron Skillet - $59

Let your Dad cook for the whole family with this extra large 15" Lodge Cast Iron Skillet. If your Dad isn't on the Lodge Cast Iron bandwagon already, Father's Day is a great time to introduce him to a classic piece of cookware.

With unparalleled heat retention and even heating, use this skillet in the oven, on the stove, on the grill, or over a campfire. Think camping breakfast with eggs, bacon, & potatoes! 

Shop this 15" Skillet, or view all Lodge Cast Iron Cookware & Accessories

6. Cedarwood Soap, A Wild Soap Bar - $6.50

I know what you are thinking, how would your Dad get excited over a BAR OF SOAP?

Sometimes people don't know what they are missing until you introduce them to it. 

Take the Cedarwood Soap, by using elements of this native North American evergreen conifer this wild soap bar provides a fresh forest smell while purifying clays create a lather previously unknown. 

Shop the Cedarwood Soap, or view all scratch-made Wild Made Soap Bars.

7. Men's Apron - InRugCo - $35

InRugCo Men's Apron

New to the InRugCo product lineup in 2020, our handmade Men's Aprons provide utility & style for all situations. With triple stitched reinforced pockets, adjustable nylon webbing straps, and abrasion resistant material, these aprons are great for:

  • cooking
  • hobbies (wood working, painting, etc.)
  • yard work
  • maintenance work 

Shop our exclusive Men's Apron.  

8. Great Lakes Wood Chart 16" x 20" - $178

When you’re searching for a unique Father's Day gift idea, look no further than a Lake Michigan nautical map. 

This beautiful wood chart is made from Baltic birch and has a solid dark wood frame. The various depths of Lake Michigan are displayed via the intricate construction of this wood chart. 

View the Lake Michigan Wood Chart, or view Patent Art $35, or the Great Lakes Wall Clock $45

9. Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup - $12.50

Gift your Dad something he has never experienced before - Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup. 

Developed in 2014 in Vermont, this unique bourbon barrel aged maple syrup is designed for the creative cook and great in anything from cocktails, sauces, cooking and more.

After their maple production season, the 
Dorset Maple Reserve hand selects specific batches of Rich Amber maple syrup that meet their highest standards and ages them in used bourbon barrels.

Outside of putting this syrup on your waffles or pancakes, what can you do with it? Check out these amazing maple syrup recipes from Dorset Maple Reserve! 

Shop Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup. Maple Syrup Traditionalist? Shop the classic Rich Amber here. 


10. Keep Indiana Corny T-Shirt - $18


You've heard "Keep Austin Weird" or "Keep Portland Weird" but what about "Keep Indiana Corny?"

With tongue in cheek this InRugCo original shirt, with its soft to touch poly cotton blend, will be a welcomed addition to your Dad's closet.

Shop the Men's Keep It Corny Shirt


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