FAQ – InRugCo Studio & Gift Shop


Do you offer carpet binding? 
Yes. Click here for details. 

Can I bring carpet that needs to be bound to the InRugCo Studio & Gift Shop? 
No.  We only process carpet binding at our fabrication plant, please click here for more details. 

How do I know how much my custom area rug will cost?
There are two costs to consider when purchasing an area rug: materials and fabrication.

For example, a 4’x 6′ area rug could range anywhere from $85.00-$800.00 depending on your choice of material and the complexity of design.

Can you explain the process of having a custom area rug made?

1 - Simply, bring or send us your visual information. examples include: fabrics, wallpapers, paint samples, drawings (don’t worry, no need to be an artist), photographs, photocopies, etc. If sending a picture via email, make sure it is in either a .gif or .jpg format.

2 - If necessary, we will provide you with all of the following: color drawings, carpet samples, pricing.

3 - You decide if changes are necessary and which rug is for you. That’s it, you are done. How do I come up with a design? This can be your design or ours. We at least offer you two designs, sometimes three. Each offered at different price points.

What if I do not live in Mishawaka, Indiana area?
We would be happy to work with you through email. Our email is service.indianarugco@gmail.com. We can also mail you carpet samples so you can feel the carpet and verify the colors in your home.

What type of carpet do you use in your rugs?
We primarily use 100% nylon because it provides us with greatest color ranges. However, we can work with other materials such as wool, polypropylene, or polyester.

How long will I have to wait for my rug?
Generally once your decision is made, your rug will be ready in 4-6 weeks. Allow up to an additional 5 days for shipping. During the holiday season expect delays and plan early. If you have an event deadline make sure you inform us of your needs.