#throwbackthursdays InRugCo Handmade Furniture

#throwbackthursdays InRugCo Handmade Furniture

Continuing with our theme of #throwbackthursday, today we going to showcase our handmade furniture. It might be surprising to learn that InRugCo creates furniture, however, as a company we are constantly innovating and evolving. During the economic crash of '08, we explored reupholstery in order to diversify and that eventually lead to handmade furniture. 

Although we no longer reupholster, we still build custom furniture. Are you interested in a one of kind piece of furniture? Please inquire with us. Our current online inventory is focused on handmade ottomans, however, we are still able to handcraft custom sectionals, couches, chairs, sofas, & more! 

Sectional Sofa circa 2010

Our idea with this clean modular sofa was to create a functional and versatile piece of furniture. These modular pieces are easy to move around and rearrange within the home. We wanted to keep the furniture fabric neutral to allow fun & lively pillows to fully pop. 


Bohemian Chair circa 2011

Our intentions with this chair was to create a funky bohemian piece full of color. We went with a high back and no arms for a different feel. An ideal piece for the guitar player in the family.

Purple Love Seat circa 2012

Shimmery and smooth, this purple loveseat was the centerpiece for our display room for quite some time. Here you can see it in a Valentine's Day scene. 



Gentlemen's Chair circa 2014

The Gentlemen's Chair was created with for early mornings drinking coffee or late nights reading your favorite literature. A timeless piece that will fit within any room in your house. 

InRugCo Handmade Furniture  

Indoor/Outdoor Lounger circa 2019

The Indoor/Outdoor Lounger was designed for all environments and weather. We use durable and spunky fabrics for the plush cushions and a thick wooden frame to last forever. 

InRugCo Handmade Furniture Outdoor/Indoor Lounger

I hope you enjoyed a look back into our handmade furniture and remember, if anything caught your eye, we can recreate it for you with any type of fabric combination. 

For 2020, InRugCo is focusing on expanding our line of handmade furniture. This will include chairs, ottomans, & other surprises! We will keep you updated as we progress. 

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