#throwbackthursdays InRugCo Area Rugs

#throwbackthursdays InRugCo Area Rugs

In honor of #throwbackthursday, today we are kicking it back to some of my favorite InRugCo area rugs! We have been creating one of a kind area rugs for 25+ years, so naturally we have a few favorites. Who knows, maybe you'll see a rug you totally love below and we can recreate it just for you. 

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Koi Fish Area Rug circa 2008

This rug was the perfect fusion of fiber art and nature. Our client had a koi fish pond in her backyard that she absolutely loved and wanted to replicate with an area rug. Pam observed the koi fish in the client's pond and made her original sketch based off her real life fish. The end result was a vivacious piece of fiber art. 

Koi Fish Custom Area Rug  

Koi Fish Area Rug InRugCo Custom Area Rugs

Koi Fish Original Shot

Dancing Ladies Area Rug circa 2010

The grandchildren of InRugCo (3rd generation) had just started ballet dance lessons and we just HAD to pay homage to the art of dance! This particular rug was inspired by Flamenco Dance. Fun fact, in her early 20s, Pam (InRugCo founder) was an avid Flamenco dancer. 

Dancing Ladies Custom Area Rug

Lake Michigan Skies Mixed Media circa 2005

This rug was inspired by the ethereal skies above Lake Michigan at Warren Dunes State Park. You can see the sun, sky, and the clouds presented in this rug hooked piece of art. Did you know, according to researcher Jenni Stuart-Anderson, rug hooking can be traced as far back into history as the time of the Vikings circa 8th century? Truly an ancient art form!


Julius 142 circa 2004

This rug was created to be the centerpiece for the One of Kind Downtown Chicago Merchandise Mart in 2004. That particular show was special for us, as InRugCo was the only fiber artist featured. Rug designer Sommer channeled Greco-Roman stylings to create a funky bohemian Julius Caesar. 

I hope you enjoyed a look back into our area rug history. If any of the area rugs above inspired you, feel free to reach out to us and we can begin the custom process. 

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