Things to do in Mishawaka, Indiana Winter Edition

Things to do in Mishawaka, Indiana Winter Edition

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Here at InRugCo Studio & Gift Shop, we maintain a weekly Monday morning brainstorming session where we kick around new products, strategize our goals, and laugh over the latest memes (slightly off-topic, but still a must...)

We recently discussed the notion of the perfect winter Saturday in Mishawaka. Let's say you had a friend or family member in for a visit & they had never been to Mishawaka, where would you take them? What would you do? Where would you eat? How could you get them to feel that Mishawaka pulse? 

Well, over a cacophony of idea exclamations, New Orleans style jazz, coffee sips, & donut bites we put together a stellar full day itinerary. Remember, this is not a definitive guide. This is merely a suggestion, as there is plenty do in our city! 

1. Pick up a pastry at the West End Bakery

West End Bakery Mishawaka, Indiana pastries


West End Bakery in mishawaka indiana

The legendary West End Bakery has been baking heavenly breads and pastries for Mishawaka for what seems like time immemorial. Located on 7th street in a quaint Mishawaka neighborhood, this family owned Belgium bakery is a treasure. 

Everything here is top notch, you really can't go wrong. Our staff favorites are the Raspberry Pineapple Danishes & the Blueberry Donuts.  

Make sure to bring the almighty dollar, as it is cash only. 

Learn more, West End Bakery Facebook

2. Indulge in something hot at the Chicory Cafe

Chicory Cafe Mishawaka, Indiana Mural

Chicory Cafe Mishawaka, Indiana latte art

Creole inspired Chicory Cafe of Mishawaka specializes in coffee, tea, lattes, & more! This is the spot where locals hang out and you'll often hear local Michiana musicians performing acoustically. Whenever we need a caffeine fix at InRugCo, our go to is the Chicory Cafe located in downtown Mishawaka.

Make sure to try their new Cinnamon Bun Latte! (pictured above)

Learn more, Chicory Cafe,   

3. Embrace the Midwestern winter & ice skate at the Merrifield Ice Rink 

Merrifield Ice Rink Mishawaka, Indiana

women ice skating at merrifield ice rink in mishawaka indiana

You know what is awesome about Northern Indiana? We have so many options for ice skating, a great winter activity!

The new Howard Park Ice Park just opened in South Bend, and it is destination. There is also the indoor Compton Ice Arena at Notre Dame, however, there is something charming about an old school ice skating rink like the Merrifield Ice Rink. 

Quoting from a Trip Advisor review by Cliff Z., "Skating here on a chilly winter's night is like stepping into a Norman Rockwell painting." 

New to ice skating? They offer lessons on Saturday starting at 11 am. 

For more information, visit their website. 

4. Skedaddle to Scoobies for a sandwich 

Scoobies Mishawaka Indiana storefront

roast beef sandwich from scoobies in mishawaka indiana

The hidden gem sandwich spot of Mishawaka, Scoobies never disappoints with oven toasted subs and juicy cheeseburgers. Enjoy the cozy Irish plaid interior for a casual lunch or to go sandwich. 

Our personal staff favorite is the veggie sub with extra jalapeños. Enough spice & flavor to propel us into the afternoon! 

Learn more, Scoobie's Trip Advisor. 

5. Browse unique items at InRugCo Studio & Gift Shop 

InRugCo Studio & Gift Shop storefront with snow falling

interior view of InRugCo Studio & Gift Shop Mishawaka, Indiana

(We are a little biased...but we think this is a must stop when you are in Mishawaka.)

InRugCo Studio & Gift Shop is an eclectic collection of items, ranging from handmade area rugs, pillows, aprons, gourmet food and curated products from all over the world. 

Still aren't convinced? Browse our online collection of items to get an idea of our style or view pictures from our Studio

6. Take BBQ nourishment from the Prized Pig  

Prized Pig BBQ Mishawaka, Indiana Downtown storefront

Prized Pig BBQ Mishawaka, Indiana texas brisket sandwich

The Prized Pig has been serving up lip smackin' BBQ in the Michiana area since 2013. From Carolina style pulled pork to Texas style brisket, and Midwest ribs and rib tips, you get a chance to experience a little bit of everything with these guys! 

Order like a local with the secret menu and request the Rib Sandwich (pictured above) and welcome yourself to BBQ bliss. 

Learn more, Prized Pig


Looking for something other than BBQ? Downtown Mishawaka has you covered with a variety of spectacular eats. 

Doc Pierce's - Landmark Mishawaka eatery with Burgers, Steaks, & Seafood

Jesus Latin Grill - Latin American Cuisine (think Peruvian & Argentinian) 

Zing Japanese Fusion - Sushi & Asian Fusion Cuisine 

Smith's Downtown - Family Friendly Atmosphere with Pub Grub & Live Music

7. Gaze west and watch the sunset in Central Park 

Mishawaka Indiana Beutter Park Sunset over suspension bridge

Cap off your extraordinary day in Mishawaka at Central Park. Walk along the flowing shores of the St. Joseph River and watch the sunset behind the iconic Suspension Bridge. 

If you make it to the park with enough sunlight left, make sure to check out the intricately carved tree art sculpture south of the parking lot. 

Directions to Central Park

Tree Art Sculpture Mishawaka, Indiana Central Park

Proposed itinerary - all locations near downtown 

Downtown Mishawaka, Indiana Things to Do map itinerary



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West End Bakery has new owner. Should be reopening soon! It really is the only place for donuts and bread.

Kathleen Norris

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