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Guide to Small Businesses in South Bend & Mishawaka, Indiana

south bend Mishawaka Indiana small business guide

Want to shop at a local business in South Bend or Mishawaka, Indiana but aren't sure where to start?

Here is a quick guide to help you shop small & local.






Specialty Grocery / Bakery / Misc


This list is by no means comprehensive. 

Don't see your favorite local place on the list? 

Send us an email us or drop us a comment below!

Let's grow this list and make it a resource for all those who want to shop local. 


  • Hi! What an awesome list…. thanks!
    Is Jack’s donuts considered a chain? Thinking of them only because they’re right downtown!

    Susan Nagel
  • Jenna – how could I forget?? Shame on me. Added!

    Clark Richardes
  • The Olive Tale at ! of course! :)

  • Thank you for the comments Madelyn & Jenny. I added those locations to the list!

    Clark Richardes
  • Please add Sanaa Chocolates to your list. They are in the Town & Country shopping center and offer some amazing chocolates!

    Jenny Peterson

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