Crystal Springs Creamery

Crystal Springs Creamery

Crystal Springs Creamery InRugCo Indiana Rug Company Downtown Mishawaka

InRugCo is proud to announce that we have partnered with Crystal Springs Creamery. In our Studio & Gift Shop, you will now find farm fresh milk, cream and cheese curds!

Crystal Springs Creamery is a small family business that provides wholesome dairy products right down the road from us in Osceola, Indiana. Their creamery is located directly on their farm, where they as a family grow the crops, milk the cows and process the cheese and yogurt. They produce their products in small batches, with minimal processing, paying attention to every detail. 

Their milk is packaged in sustainable glass bottles. Similar to the "milk-man" days, if you save your glass bottle and return it when you purchase your next bottle, you'll get a discount! 

Crystal Springs Creamery

Crystal Springs Creamery milk doesn’t contain any added preservatives, and their cows are not treated with any growth hormones or rBST. Their cows live a comfortable life and their diet consists of alfalfa, corn, and grass, which is grown in the fields surrounding the farm. This wholesome process results in delicious and nutritious dairy products! 

Come in today to sample their delicious milk & cheese curds. We promise once you try their fresh dairy products, your regular grocery store dairy products just won't be appealing anymore. 

Crystal Springs Creamery
Surprised to see that we carry milk? Let us explain!

While InRugCo is known for custom area rugs, handcrafted furniture, and handmade home accents, did you know our Studio & Gift Shop features handpicked products for your home? 

Inside our store, you will find brands such as Lodge Cast Iron, Joy Susan Purses, Sassafras Doormats, Evergreen Garden Flags, & Crystal Springs Creamery. Our store is a combination of handmade textiles and carefully curated goods for your home & lifestyle. 

Lodge Cast Iron InRugCo Studio & Gift Shop

InRugCo strives to create a genuine shopping experience, with true customer engagement. We love that we can partner with small businesses within our greater community to diversify our product lineup and support local businesses. 

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