5 ways InRugCo can make your January 2020 awesome

5 ways InRugCo can make your January 2020 awesome

5 Ways InRugCo Can make your January 2020 Awesome

1. Switch over to Pillow Covers 

throw pillow covers designed by inrugco

Let's face it, sewn shut pillows are so 2019! With our handmade pillow covers, you can easily change the appearance of your home in a flash. New pillows on your couches and chairs is a fantastic way to welcome 2020 and create a feeling of rejuvenation within your the home. 

All of our pillow covers come with an easy to use zipper, so you can quickly remove the form and wash the cover or fold it down for storage. Buy several covers with our economical pricing and mix and match all throughout your house. Browse our collection

2. Cook with an Apron

aprons for women designed by inrugco

There is something about cooking while wearing a handcrafted apron that inspires culinary confidence! Whether it's the cookbook you received for Christmas, or the savory Pinterest recipes you have been dying to try, wearing an apron can channel your inner master chef. 

Need to wipe your hands? Save the paper towel, wipe on the apron and wash it later. Need somewhere to store the spices or the spatula while you cook? Utilize the three large pockets on the apron. Our aprons are lively & vibrant, but still highly functional. Browse our collection

3. Stay Organized with our Totes & Bags

pink inrugco tote carrying books and water bottle

You are an active person, always on the go! Let us help you stay organized in 2020 with our Totes & Bag. Whether its at the grocery store, the gym, or shopping in downtown Chicago, sometimes you need a grab-all bag with interior pockets to make your life easier.

Our bags are constructed and sewn right here in Mishawaka! How awesome is it to get an American made product right here your favorite hometown? Browse our collection.  

4. Add a One of a Kind Area Rug to your Home

white contemporary area rug with ottoman and couches

Our area rugs can truly transform your home in 2020. Highly durable pieces of functional art that can be mounted on the wall or laid the floor, our area rugs are created by master fiber artists. Designs range from simple borders, intricate inlays, animals, flowers, or abstract images.

Our handcrafted area rugs utilize both ancient world and modern techniques. The result is a one of kind area rug. Begin the custom area rug process or browse our collection

5. Utilize our Custom Design House

InRugCo Custom Design studio vinyl banner

We are a custom design studio! What does that mean? Reach out to us and we can design the following with you;

  • area rugs
  • furniture
  • cushions
  • pillow covers
  • aprons
  • market bags
  • gift baskets 

Visit our Studio & Gift Shop in downtown Mishawaka to see examples of all that we can create for you. 

inrugco studio & gift shop graphic


We here at InRugCo are wishing you a Happy New Year! Please let us know if you have any additional ideas on how we can help make January 2020 fantastic for you.



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