5 InRugCo Facts | That You Might Not Know

5 InRugCo Facts | That You Might Not Know


InRugCo Studio & Gift Shop

Our storefront in Mishawaka, Indiana. 

1. Our brick & mortar store is called InRugCo Studio & Gift Shop.

We are a design studio that offers custom area rugs, cushions, aprons, & pillows covers. From our store, you can book an appointment with owner & designer Pam Richardes.

Additionally, we offer plenty of items (outside of just area rugs) that would be fantastic gifts for birthdays, holidays, or just because! Hence the Gift Shop. 

People are always stunned that a "rug" store sells local farm fresh milk, hand thrown coffee mugs, jewelry or pillow covers! People have described us a boutique, mercantile, gift shop, etc. Regardless of the label, we are just happy to be here. 

indiana rug co first garage

Our first garage

2. InRugCo is short for Indiana Rug Company.

Our family owned & operated small business was founded in a two stall car garage in South Bend, IN in 1985. We specialize in custom area rugs, but we offer much more than just rugs. Recently, we have begun to go by the abbreviated version of Indiana Rug Co. which is InRugCo. 

Why was the company founded? Owner Pam wanted to be able to see her kids more often than traditional working hours would provide. My two older sisters & myself like to say we were the original Rugrats! 

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware InRugCo

Our Lodge Cast Iron Cookware Selection

3. The items that aren't handmade by us in our store, we carry because we as a family LOVE them. 

InRugCo kitchens are full of Lodge Cast Iron, Spice House Spices, Iveta Scone Mixes, & Crystal Springs Creamery Milk.

If we are going for a jog, hike, or bike ride, we treat our feet with Darn Tough Socks & wear Parakito Wristbands to keep mosquitoes away. Quick breakfast? Local Nappannee, IN Dutch Syrup Waffle.

Next time you are in the store & are curious about a particular product, just ask us. Odds are we have personally used it.

Central Park carved wooden statues

Tree carving art in Central Park in Mishawaka, IN

4. We converted a house to a retail store because we loved its location across from Central Park in Mishawaka. 

Whether Beutter Park & the Ball Band Biergarden or at Howard Park in South Bend, we love all the riverwalks in our area. We believe the access to recreation along the St. Joesph River in Michiana is worth celebrating.

When a house became available right on Mishawaka Ave. across from Central Park, we had no doubts it was the one for us! 

InRugCo Studio & Gift Shop

The back room at InRugCo Studio & Gift Shop. 

5. Our mission is to provide a truly unique shopping experience for Mishawaka.  

The InRugCo family loves to travel, some of our favorite places include Flagstaff, Topsail Island, Santa Fe, Dawson City, & Silverton. What really makes those towns unique are the family owned small businesses in those communities. 

For years, we would travel & setup booths at art shows throughout the Midwest. Additionally, our fabrication plant would double as our showroom in the early 2000s. (How many first time InRugCo visitors wound up at our fabrication plant, not our retail store??) 

We've come a long way now that we have a dedicated retail space. We are continually evolving our product lineup & are always trying to offer something new for our customers.

It's exciting for us to create or discover new items, & hopefully it is for our customers too! 

Thanks for reading, I hope you learned something new about InRugCo!


6. InRugCo dog model Miska has grown up too fast and it melts my heart...

miska inrugco dog modelMiska inrugco dog model

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Our family loves Indiana Rug. We can always find unique gifts. When we have out of town guests I will take them to Indiana Rug and then they are hooked !! Every time they come to town we must go see what is new.

Barb Kujawski

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