Bewitched Cocktail Recipe

Bewitched Cocktail Recipe

Bewitched Martini InRugCo

With Halloween around the corner, why not add some ghoulish razzle dazzle to your cocktail repertoire? Today we are featuring the InRugCo Bewitched Purple Cocktail, a frighteningly easy to assemble mixed drink. Grab your witch hat and fly your broomstick over to the kitchen and let's get started!

Bewitched Cocktail Ingredients
2 shots - Vodka
3 shots - Mojito Cocktail Mix
3 shots - 7up
B'Lure Natural Flower Extract (Purple)
Fresh Mint

Step 1 - Put a handful of ice into your cocktail shaker

Ice within the cocktail shaker

Step 2 - Add three shots of Mojito Cocktail Mix to the cocktail shaker 

3 Shots Mojito Cocktail Mix
Step 3 - Add two shots of Vodka to the cocktail shaker 

Two shots Vodka
Step 4 - Add three shots of 7up to the cocktail shaker 

3 shots 7up

Step 5 - Shake your cocktail shaker 
Cocktail Shaker
Step 6 - Pour into serving glass and add 10 drops Flower Extract & stir

10 Drops Flower Extract

Step 6 - Add fresh mint & sip responsibly! 

Bewitched Cocktail Finished

Can't wait to try this drink? Come visit InRugCo Studio & Gift Shop tonight (10/30 5-8pm) for the Witches Night Out, a Halloween shopping extravaganza! 
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