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Clean & Care Instructions for Area Rugs

How to Clean your Area Rug

The best way to clean your InRugCo inlaid area rug is by spot cleaning the rug.

Whether muddy tracks from shoes, spilled wine, food stains, etc. we recommend lightly spraying the affected dirty spot with OxiClean Laundry Stain Remover and then gently blotting the spot (never rub) with a folded paper towel.

Remember to blot the paper towel on the dirty spot, do not rub with the paper towel. 

Carpet Shampoo

We do not recommend carpet shampoo due to the excessive amount of moisture the majority of carpet shampoos carry. Carpet shampoo can be used, but it should be used as a last resort. The less moisture your rug is subjected to, the greater longevity can be expected. 

Caring for your Area Rug

The best way to care for your InRugCo inlaid area rug is to allow the rug to lay flat on the floor; whether hardwood, vinyl, or carpet. Storing or placing the area rug in any manner that disrupts the rug from laying flat can adversely affect the rug over time. 

For example, if you need to place an area rug in storage, it is best to store the rug flat and not rolled up.


Vacuuming is generally good for your inlaid area rug, however, consider the area rug's textures (for example: shaggy carpet) & corners when vacuuming and adjust your vacuum settings accordingly. 

Do not run the beater bar on your vacuum over any part of the area rug that has shag carpet. 

Avoid Moisture

Moisture can leave odors or compromise the integrity of the area rug and is recommended to be completely avoided. The less moisture your rug is subjected to, the greater longevity can be expected. 


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